CC Times Sidesteps Fairness and Facts, Yet Again

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Why Local 1?

Local # 1 is an independent union, which means we are not affiliated with an international union. A primary goal of Local #1 is to provide strong contract language to protect our member's rights and enhance their wages and work conditions. It is also Local #1's goal to preserve the wages, benefits and working conditions of our members even in the most difficult economic times. 96% of our member's dues money is spent on direct representation of our members...

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We Are One Issue 3 Released

Published on: August 28, 2014

  As members undoubtedly have noticed, We Are One, Local 1′s official quarterly news magazine, was released this month. This edition features an in-depth Q&A with Local 1 General Manager Peter Nguyen, an introduction to six new Local 1 Staff Members, a feature on the new building and much more! To read the latest edition of We Are One, please click here. To read previous editions of We Are One, 

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