AFSCME’s Economic Agenda

Published on: November 8, 2017

In state capitols and all the way to the Supreme Court, wealthy and powerful interests want to silence our voice and take away our freedoms. To fight back, we must lead with our values. We must stand up to say proudly who AFSCME is and what we stand for.

As mandated at previous leadership conferences, we have put together the AFSCME Agenda. This agenda is based on our commonly shared principles as a diverse union of proud public service workers. We will fight for our agenda at the negotiating table, at the ballot box, in Congress, and in state legislatures nationwide. It’s an agenda that shows our members and our communities that we stand for freedom and opportunity for working families and retirees. We need champions in elected office who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us in these fights. That’s why this agenda will also be used as part of our candidate endorsement and training process.

Today is one year before Election Day 2018, and we are rolling out not only the actual agenda, but a promotional video, graphics, and a website that all AFSCME affiliates can share across social media. More communications assets will become available in the weeks to follow.

Below, you can find links to the promotional video meant to drive traffic to the AFSCME Agenda website, and the website which is intended to push sign-ups for activism and data collection for our members. Members will also be able to download a one-page flyer version of the agenda from the website.

Promotional video: