Contra Costa County Vote RATIFIED!

Published on: November 30, 2018

Attention Local One CCC Members:

The Local One Union membership has ratified the contract coalition changes that were negotiated between Contra Costa County Negotiations Team and the Coalition. The votes were counted and the results were an overwhelming acceptance of the changes. Your Local One Negotiators worked very hard to ensure that our members’ needs were addressed and that changes will not only benefit us but will ensure a stable workforce for Contra Costa County. 

The highlights to the ratified changes include:

  • 100% County coverage of all medical plan premium increases for 2019.¬†The planned increases next year of 9.02% for CCHP, 11.9% for Kaiser, 10.9% for Health Net HMO, and 14.74% for Health Net PPO¬†would be entirely absorbed¬†by the County


  • A 3-year contract extension with the following wage increases:¬†4%¬†on July 1, 2019,¬†3%¬†on July 1, 2020, and¬†3%¬†on July 1, 2021.


  • A¬†second Open Enrollment¬†in early December to allow members to make new healthcare selections based on the Tentative Agreement.


  • The County would pay a fairer percentage of total health premiums moving forward: a major move to a¬†75%¬†(Employee only & Employee + 1)¬†/76.5%¬†(Employee + 2 or more) cost sharing structure in 2020,¬†78.5%¬†across all plans and tiers in 2021, and¬†80%¬†across all plans and tiers in 2022.¬†


  • An increased County investment in employee healthcare ($29 million over the term of the contract):¬†starting in 2020 the County‚Äôs contribution to healthcare costs would be based on the above percentage of the second lowest priced non-deductible HMO plan (currently Kaiser A), and an equal dollar amount would be paid for all other plans.


  • A $2 million pot of money to address unit specific issues¬†(like equity adjustments, compaction, differentials, etc.) starting in January 2021. The $2 million would be divided between the Coalition unions on a per capita basis.


  • Kaiser high deductible plan participants would receive a¬†$500 HSA contribution¬†from the County in 2019, and a¬†$625 annual HSA contribution¬†in 2020 and beyond.


  • A path to securing more affordable plans:¬†the new Joint Labor/Management Benefits Committee (JLMBC) made up of all nine Coalition unions and County representatives, would begin meeting soon after a deal is ratified to find new/ more affordable healthcare plans starting in 2020.


  • The Coalition Unions would be¬†empowered to help keep annual premium increases in check¬†with a¬†seat at the table¬†during yearly premium negotiations between the County and plan providers. The JLMBC would continue to work on plan design changes that will reduce costs and improve quality of care for County workers.


  • A Second Open Enrollment for Your 2019 Plan Selection is coming!¬† Your Coalition Bargaining Team was thrilled to reach this Tentative Agreement in time for a brief, second open enrollment to occur in early December, as long as the deal is ratified by members. Dates for the second open enrollment will be announced soon.


The Local One Team members appreciate your support of their efforts on your behalf.  


Lisa A. Davis, Coalition Member / Senior Business Agent