Representation Election Results

Published on: February 5, 2016

Despite our best efforts we were not able to overcome the sins, mistakes and the overall disengagement of our past. Though the vote count is not unexpected it is unfortunately saddening. However we must now move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment.

We must treat this as a wake-up call and recommit ourselves to bring about a new revitalized Local #1. A Local #1 that is:
1.            Engaged with its Members;
2.            Driven by Core Values that are reflective of the Members need;
3.            Organized;
4.            Future driven (Growth)

Here are the Decertification Vote Tally:

LVN Unit
Teamsters – 219
Local 1 – 13
No org- 0

357 ballots received
Teamsters 293
Local 1 = 55
No organization – 3

388 Teamsters
77 Local 1
9 No Org