VICTORY! Tentative Agreement is Reached at the 9 Union Healthcare Coalition Table

Published on: November 16, 2018

At the 11th hour, a Tentative Agreement for a 3-year contract extension has been reached between the 9 Union Healthcare Coalition and the County.

In a major VICTORY for more than 4,800 employees, our Coalition of 9 unions have reached a Tentative Agreement. If ratified, the deal accomplishes huge gains for members, taking significant steps towards fixing the healthcare package for County employees and ensuring REAL wage increases over the term of the new contract.

Ultimately, it was the collective action of union members that made the difference! Over the last three months, Coalition members placed hundreds of phone calls to the Board of Supervisors offices, rallied and made public comments at the monthly Board meetings, collected more than 2,000 employee petition signatures, and engaged in solidarity pickets at a dozen County worksites – all of which created the pressure and leverage we needed to come to a fair agreement with the County.

TA Highlights and Voting Information Below: