We Are One Issue 5 Released

Published on: March 31, 2015

Volume 2, Issue 1 of the union-wide news magazine, “We Are One,” is now available!  We lovingly refer to this as Issue 5 as it is the fifth installment of our quarterly magazine.

This issue features a retro-themed cover inspired by a Labor poster from years past.  Inside, Local 1 members will find highlights from many of our affiliate offices (Butte, El Dorado, Merced, Sacramento, Sutter/Yuba) as they ramp up their activity in preparation for a variety of important union functions: bargaining, community engagement, pushing beyond impasse, and setting a new tone with management groups that have long taken our members for granted.

We welcome the City of Williams Miscellaneous Employees to Local 1, and simultaneously, we congratulate Merced County Public Employees Union, Local 1 on their 1st birthday (anniversary) with the Local 1 family.

Of note in this issue, we have a feature article on Preet Didbal, newly-elected City Council Member for Yuba City (whom we endorsed), who made national history by becoming the first Sikh woman to be elected to a city council in the United States.

Other articles include our introduction of new, stellar staff at Local 1, as well as a new, standing attraction for “We Are One,” our Local 1 Member Feature.  For this issue, we highlight Lizette Trice from Contra Costa County Health Services.  If you know of a member from your unit who deserves to be featured in “We Are One,” please email your nomination to Assistant General Manager, Phil Hu at: phu@peu1.org.

Lastly, do not forget to check out this issue’s Centerpiece Special–a detailed time line of our successful referendum campaign which denied Contra Costa County Supervisors of their self-awarded 33% raise.

If you have not received your physical copy, and would like one, please pick one up at your nearby Local 1 office.


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