CCC Healthcare Coalition Update – October 22, 2018

Published on: October 23, 2018

The County Moves on Concept, Not Dollars at the Latest Healthcare Bargaining Session

Union Healthcare Bargaining last week was productive as pressure keeps mounting on the County to come to a fair deal from members of the Nine Coalition Unions.

Previous progress at the table included moving the County to cover a set percentage of healthcare premiums going forward, rather than  uneven dollar amounts across plans as is currently the case. However, the County had been tying that percentage to a high risk / moderate deductible plan that most Coalition members have opted not to participate in.

On Wednesday, October 17th, the County’s proposal finally shifted to tying premium cost sharing to the “2nd lowest priced non-deductible HMO plan,” which is a real step in the right direction. The Coalition has been clear that covering a set competitive percentage of a quality non-deductible plan is key to a deal.

However, the County also proposed paying a lower percentage of healthcare premiums for the  richer, non-deductible plan, thereby keeping the County’s total costs for healthcare about the same between the two proposals. While signaling movement in concept, such a deal would keep Contra Costa far below other employers in the Bay Area, and not provide the kind of healthcare relief that our members need.

The Union Coalition countered last week by making significant movement in our next proposal, in an attempt to get close to a deal that will bring real change to County workers. The Coalition proposed a 3-year graduated increase in the County’s premium cost sharing, based on the higher quality non-deductible plan. The proposal would bring the County in range of other Bay Area Employers, and provide significant relief to County workers and our families in all three years of the contract and beyond.

Our message at the table continues to be clear: we will work diligently to get a deal, but the Coalition cannot settle for a deal that does not bring a fix to the healthcare cost crisis for County workers.

Member action has driven the progress at the table to date. Members have placed hundreds of calls to the Board of Supervisors’ (BOS) offices, rallied with other elected officials and community groups at the BOS meeting on 9/18, picketed worksites at lunchtime rallies, appeared at Board of Supervisors’ and Subcommittee meetings to make public comment, and shown visible support for the Coalition in their workplaces on Black Tuesdays (see below for details).

Nine unions standing together and refusing to be divided makes all of us stronger. Let’s keep up the pressure!”

The Coalition has two more bargaining dates on October 23rd and October 31st. Now is the time to ramp up pressure for a fair deal!

Please continue to support the Healthcare Coalition.


Contra Costa County employees participating in an informational picket October 23rd in Pleasant Hill.