City of Los Banos Public Works Gets First Contract!

Published on: September 6, 2019

History was made on August 26, 2019 in this Central Valley City as members voted overwhelmingly to ratify their first labor contract. This new Local One/AFSCME bargaining unit, organized just five months ago, has taken major steps forward, because of its members committing to raise each other up as a united entity–and one that’s an example for those who fill their positions in the years ahead. 

Here are the contract highlights:

  • Term: 9/4/19 thru 6/30/21
  • 3% cola effective in the 1st pay period after 9/4/19 
  • 3% cola effective 7/1/20
  • Ongoing flex (auto) promotions from Level I to Level II for all who have completed Level I steps in the classes of Environmental Control Specialist, Maintenance Worker, Utilities Maintenance Worker
  • Addition of a $100 per month differential for Heavy Equipment Operation for the Maintenance Worker I classification
  • Addition of $50.00 per month for various certifications held by members in the unit
  • Reductions on employee contributions to medical insurance premiums 
  • Annual Boot Allowance increase of 26% (depending on need for replacement)
  • Added work clothing options for safety and comfort

Congratulations to all our Los Banos members!