Healthcare Reopener Summary and Information

Published on: December 21, 2015

To All Local #1 Members:

As most of you know our Bargaining Team reached a Tentative Agreement with the County. We are bringing the Tentative Agreement to you without a recommendation. To that end the Ballot will be as follows:

â–ˇ Yes

â–ˇ No, I vote to go on strike


Simply put, we felt that it was important that YOU, the Membership of Local #1, decide whether to accept the Tentative Agreement or go on strike. At the bottom of this page, there is a link to a Side-by-Side Comparison of our Tentative Agreement versus the Coalition Tentative Agreement.

We made some modest improvements in comparison to the Coalition settlement. The most important fact here is that the County shall pay 100% of all healthcare increases for 2016 and we now have the necessary time to prepare for the real fight: the fight for a Salary Increase and a reduction of our Out Of Pocket Healthcare Cost. This Tentative Agreement gives us this time to move towards that, provided we do so.

As a result of this Healthcare Re-Opener, it is crystal clear that the County does not value all employees the same– but I digress. The strategic question here is whether the Healthcare Re-Opener is the best forum to have this fight with the County? I say NO!

Why? Because it is a 2016 Healthcare Re-opener!

The real fight here is for the new Contract. Why do I state this? Simply put our Contract expires on June 30, 2016. We need to gear up, prepare and wrap our mind around the fact that we, more than likely, will be moving toward a strike. What will we Strike for? We will strike for a significant reduction in our Out Of Pocket Healthcare Cost and a significant Salary Increase.

As I have expressed to our Bargaining Team, we are starting our Contract Campaign January 4, 2016. (Please see the attached Contract Campaign Module).

In Solidarity:

Richard E. Boyd, Director of Field Operations

Local 1 Healthcare Side-by-Side Comparison

Healthcare Simple Costing

Contra Costa County Healthcare Reopener Tentative Agreement

PEU Contract Campaign Module