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Why Local 1?

Local # 1 is an independent union, which means we are not affiliated with an international union. A primary goal of Local #1 is to provide strong contract language to protect our member's rights and enhance their wages and work conditions. It is also Local #1's goal to preserve the wages, benefits and working conditions of our members even in the most difficult economic times. 96% of our member's dues money is spent on direct representation of our members...

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New Website Coming!

Published on: March 26, 2014

Public Employees Union, Local 1 will be launching a brand new website in just a few weeks. The site will carry the fresh look and streamlined functionality of this homepage throughout. In both design and function, the objective is to demonstrate for members and potential new members that Public Employees Union, Local 1 is intent on becoming the absolute premiere public employees union in California …

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