Know Your Rights!


If a supervisor/manager calls you into any meetings, you may have a right to have your Union representative present, depending on the purpose of the meeting. You must ask for Union representation; your employer does not have to offer it if you don’t ask.


These are your rights:

   1.   You have the right to know the purpose or subject matter of the meeting.

   2.   If the meeting is to discuss a performance evaluation, you have the right to Union representation if the discussion could lead to discipline. Routine, non-disciplinary discussions about your performance do not require Union representation.

   3.   If a Shop Steward is assigned to your unit or worksite, make him/her aware of your meeting with management, or contact your Union representative before attending the meeting.

   4.   Even if you go into a meeting without representation, you are entitled to stop the meeting and ask for a representative if the employer starts to ask you questions which could lead to discipline. You must insist on this right by asking to discontinue the meeting until a Union representative is present.

   5.   The employer should stop the meeting or reschedule it until a representative is present if you insist on Union representation. However, DO NOT refuse to attend the meeting or to answer questions if you are given a direct order to respond. Take notes and CONTACT your Union representative immediately after the meeting.

   6.   Consult a criminal attorney before answering questions regarding alleged misconduct that could lead to criminal charges. However, if the employer gives a direct order to answer questions and assurance that your responses will not be used in criminal proceedings, you risk discipline for insubordination if you do not answer under these circumstances. If ordered to answer, your criminal attorney can seek to bar the admissibility of your statements in court.


Remember you must formally insist on your right to Union representation!