November 2014 Election Results

Published on: November 11, 2014

It was an exciting day at the polls this past Tuesday.¬† Local #1, in keeping with its leadership’s philosophy of building union power and building political power, actively identified, recruited, and supported candidates for local offices.¬† Our members got active and engaged, and put forth an incredible effort.¬† And that effort paid off in many local races which will have a direct impact on our members.

The state and federal level offices all went the way we wanted them to–every candidate we endorsed got elected or reelected.

In West County, our incredibly dedicated members flipped an intransigent board at the Wastewater District who had been engaged in very bad-faith bargaining with Local #1 over the past few years.¬† We won 2 out of the 3 seats that were up for election.¬† Not only did we instantly change the dynamics of bargaining, we also sent a powerful message to the other sitting board members that Local #1 is not messing around.¬† The “new Local #1” openly proclaimed, with the election results, that if you mess with our members’ livelihoods, we will come mess with yours.

In the Contra Costa Community College District, both of our endorsed candidates won election handily.¬† This victory is significant because it comes off the heels of another Local #1 victory.¬† Just a couple of short months ago, Local #1 got involved¬†with a¬†brewing situation at the College District.¬† Local #1 helped push back and defeat an effort by the District to unnecessarily spend $53,000 for a hand-picked “outside consultant” for two month’s of “work.”¬† Our members at the college district had not yet been made whole from years of concession, furloughs, and layoffs.¬† Local #1 stood up, pushed back, and won.¬† With Tim Farley elected to Ward 3 and John Marquez reelected to Ward 1, Local #1 sent yet another powerful message: we’re coming for those who don’t treat our members with due respect.

In the city of Pleasant Hill, both of our endorsed candidates won election to the city council.  Members and staff got really active for this race.  It was good to see such effort!

While we did not get every one of our endorsed candidates elected this time, the new activity around Local #1 was definitely felt.¬† Elected officials who have been waiting for Local #1 to “get back in the game” openly lauded our members’ efforts and proactivity.¬† And those who had relied on a dormant political program from Local #1 so they could continue to make bad decisions got a rude awakening.¬† The new Local #1 is here.¬† We’re not going away.¬† And in two years, four years, etc…, there will be another election.¬† And those who mistreat or disrespect our members are hereby put on notice.

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