Safety Survey for Local 1 Mental Health Unit

Published on: October 29, 2014

Local 1 is conducting a survey of Mental Health Unit members to determine the current status of safety practices and procedures at the various clinics and work sites in Contra Costa County, and to find ways to improve safety county-wide and at specific work sites and clinics.

We know that your work site or clinic manager may be responsive on issues of safety, but not all clinic managers are that way. We also need county-wide data, so even if you are generally satisfied with how your work site or clinic handles issues of safety, please take the survey.

This survey is a confidential place for you to talk about what is happening at your clinic or work site with regard to safety. Individual responses will not be linked to people’s names and will only be shared anonymously. Responses will be collated and presented to work site-specific or county-wide management depending on what the results reveal, but it is vitally important that everyone take the survey and be honest and complete in their answers. As a union, we cannot address problems we do not know about!

Click here to take the Survey